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Remove membrane on the backside (bone side up).  Do this by slipping a butter knife between one of the bones and the membrane.  Work your fingers in underneath the membrane and pull it off.  Scrape the bones with the butter knife to remove fat.  Turn the ribs over and trim excess fat from the front.


Thoroughly mix all the ingredients for the rub.  Press out any clumps.  Coat the bone side first, then the front side.  Be sure to coat evenly and generously.  Using your hand, press the rub into the meat.  Put the ribs in a container that doesn’t leak (or wrap them) because the rub will take moisture out of the ribs.  Refrigerate overnight.


Start your smoker or grill.  Bring temperature up to 200 degrees.  Cook between 200 and 225.  Put the ribs on bone side down.  Baste every 20 minutes or so.  They should be done in 4 to 5 hours.  Look for the meat to pull back from the bones.  That’s a pretty good sign that they are done. 



 Salt- 2 Tablespoons

 White Vinegar - 1 Cup

 Brown Sugar - 4 Tablespoons

 Pinapple Juice - 1 Cup

 Cumin - 1 Tablespoon

 Brown Sugar - 2 Tablespoons

 Black Pepper - 2 Tablespoons

 Black Pepper - 1 Tablespoon

 Chili Powder - 2 Tablespoons

 Salt - 2 Teaspoons

 Paprika - 4 Tablespoons

 Tobasco Sauce - Dash (or two or three)

 Garlic Powder - 1 Teaspoon


 Onion Powder - 1 Teaspoon



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